Fujian province tongxing auto synchronizers co., ltd. Fujian tongxing gears and synchronizers co., ltd. is a professional company in thefield of synchroniers and gears manufacture.there are more than 800 various manufacturing and inspecting equipments with high efficiency and precision.

    the company, including gear factory, synchronizer factory,adjusting arm factory and bearing factory, producing various synchronizers; side gears of differential, pinion gears, cylindrical gears; cross spiders; universal joints; adjusting arm;bearings and other parts.we produce those parts for all types of domestic trucks and the trucks of nissan, mitsubishi,renault. mercedes-benz,Hino,ZF,Toyota,isuzu,hyundai, mazida,kamaz and other famous brands.


    ADD:Jiulongshan Industry Area,shishi city, Fujian Province, China 362700 Tel:0595-88681081 Fax:0595-88651081

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